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Sport Driving Course - 4/5 September 2019

NOTE FOR DEALERSHIPS: Dealerships wishing to book courses on behalf of clients must download the updated Privacy Form and have it filled in and signed by participants before proceeding with the booking.


The course 

The ‘Pilota Ferrari - Sport Course’ is a sports driving course for Ferrari customers. The course, held at Ferrari’s own Fiorano Circuit, is an intensive, tried and tested programme of professional and didactically effective instruction. Sports driving techniques are learned through track activities and include car control exercises on a low grip skid surface to help you gain an accurate feel for the performance of Ferrari cars. Practical instruction is supplemented by theory lectures.



Twenty-eight participants are admitted to each course and are divided into four groups of seven. Participants will receive their instruction from a staff of 10 drivers-instructors.


Instructors and cars 

The dedicated drivers’ instruction team consists of highly qualified, expert drivers with professional training in high performance cars. All drivers-instructors are internationally experienced and drive professionally themselves. A fleet of nine 488 GTBs, four 812 Superfasts and three 488 Pistas will be available for the 2019 Pilota Ferrari Sports Driving Course. Participants are also welcome to take their own Ferraris for a spin on the Fiorano track at the end of the course.



The course fee is 8,500.00 Euros (VAT excluded). This includes two days at the track, two nights’ accommodation at the Hotel RUA FRATI 48 in San Francesco ***** in Modena, two evening meals at the hotel, meals at the track, hotel/track/hotel transfers, and personalised Pilota Ferrari Course gifts. Each participant may bring one or more companions who will be given the chance to take part in a special guest programme. The fee per companion is 1,600.00 Euros (VAT excluded) and includes the following activities: two nights at the hotel in a shared room with the driver, two dinners, access to the track, lunch at the track, cooking course, tour of Modena, SPA treatment and transfers.

Please note that children under the age of 16 are not allowed to access the track.

Please note that helmet use on the track is mandatory.

Ferrari will not reimburse fees in the event of cancellations.  

It will not be possible to change the name of the participant or the date of participation for a purchase. 


What to wear

We recommend casual sportswear for track activities (it is particularly important to choose footwear that is suitable for driving). There is no specific dress code for dinners.


Driving your own car on the track at the end of the course

For safety reasons, we strongly suggest that all customers wishing to take their Ferrari cars out on the track at the end of the course have their vehicles checked beforehand by their regular dealer.


For further information, extra nights at the hotel and pick-up requests please contact:

Email:  customercare.corsopilota@ferrari.com

Phone: 0536 931561

Booking is restricted: authentication is required. +info

tickets availability amount (VAT included)
Guest Prog Sport Driving Course - 4/5 september 2019 (18) 1952 €