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Evolution Course - 23/24 September 2019

NOTE FOR DEALERSHIPS: Dealerships wishing to book courses on behalf of clients must download the Privacy Form and have it filled in and signed by participants before proceeding with the booking.

The course 

The Pilota Ferrari - Evolution Course is a sports/racing course only open to drivers who have already completed the Pilota Ferrari - Advanced Course because of the advanced technical content on which the driving sessions are based. Previous participation in a Pilota Ferrari - Advanced Course is a prerequisite for registration since all participants will need to have the same level of theoretical knowledge and practical skill to cope with the two highly intensive days of the Evolution Course. The course is held at the Misano World Circuit (Rimini), a prestigious track that hosts international races. The circuit is also fully lit, which also allows for nighttime activities. What makes the Evolution Course completely unique and exclusive is that the instruction is so finely tailored and personalised during both the theory and the practice sessions. The course programme covers a series of practical exercises such as continuous telemetry analysis of track times with and without a pace car, finding the car’s limits in cornering and optimising overall driving performance. Over both days of the course, these exercises culminate in participants’ using the 488 Challenge. The programme culminates in a series of time trials with final rankings based on driving skills and abilities on track and dynamic area.



Twenty participants are admitted to each course and divided into five groups of four.


Instructors and cars 

The course is delivered by 15 drivers-instructors (three for each group of four participants), all currently professional drivers and specialists in teaching sports and competition driving techniques. A fleet of nine 488 GTBs, four 812 Superfasts, three 488 Pistas and six 488 Challenges will be used.



The course fee is 18,000.00 Euros (VAT excluded) per participant. This includes two days at the track, two nights’ accommodation at the Grand Hotel de Bains ***** in Riccione, two evening meals, lunches at the track, hotel/track/hotel transfers, dinner and personalised Pilota Ferrari Course gifts. Each participant may bring one or more companions who will be given the chance to take part in a special guest programme. The fee per companion is 1,600.00 Euros (VAT excluded) and includes the following activities: two nights at the hotel in a shared room with the driver, two dinners, access to the track, lunch at the track, cooking course, tour of Riccione, SPA treatment and transfers.

Please note that children under the age of 16 are not allowed to access the track.

Please note that helmet use on the track is mandatory.

Ferrari will not reimburse fees in the event of cancellations.  

It will not be possible to change the name of the participant or the date of participation for a purchase.  


What to wear

For track driving activities a full suit compliant with FIA regulations, shoes and gloves are provided complimentary. A helmet with HANS device is also provided. There is no specific dress code for dinner.


Driving your own car on the track at the end of the course

For safety reasons, we strongly suggest that all customers wishing to take their Ferrari cars out on the track at the end of the course have their vehicles checked beforehand by their regular dealer.


For further information, extra nights hotel booking and pick-up requests please contact:

Email:  customercare.corsopilota@ferrari.com

Phone: 0536 931561

Booking is restricted: authentication is required. +info

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