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start at 21-11-2020 end at 22-11-2020

Corso Pilota Sport - 21/22 November 2020



Corso Pilota Sport | First emotions on the track 

The Corso Pilota Sport gives participants an introduction to sport driving techniques, followed by circuit racing. An instructor sits in the car with the participant, providing useful tips to progressively improve performance lap after lap. The course's dynamic part includes track driving sessions and car control practice on low-grip surfaces.



Attendance is limited to 28 participants per course, divided into 4 groups of 7. 10 driver-instructors will be at the participants' disposal.



The 2020 Pilota Ferrari fleet available to participants consists of nine F8 Tributo and four 812 Superfast cars. Participants are also welcome to take their own Ferraris around the track at the end of the course.



The course fee is €8,500.00 (excluding VAT). This includes two days on the track, two evening meals, two nights' accommodation at the Hotel Rua Frati 48 in San Francesco ***** (Modena), meals at the track, transfers between hotel and track and personalised Corso Pilota Ferrari gifts. Each participant may be accompanied by one or more guests who will be given the opportunity to take part in a special guest programme. The fee per guest is €1,600.00 (excluding VAT) and includes the following activities: two nights' hotel accommodation in a shared room with the participant, two evening meals, access to the track, lunch at the track and special guest programme.

Please note that children under the age of 16 are not allowed to access to the track.

Note also that no refund will be made by Ferrari in the event of cancellation.  

It is not possible to change the attendance date once the order is placed. 



2020 course registrations can be made on the www.ferrari.com site only.

For further information, to book extra nights at the hotel and pick-up services, please contact:



For injuries incurred as a result of activities on the track, the course's insurance coverage includes:

  • Up to a maximum of €500,000.00 in the event of death or permanent disability;
  • €52.00* per day for temporary disability;
  • €25,000.00* for reimbursement of medical expenses arising from the injury.

*maximum amount


Cancellation Insurance

Please click here to download the cancellation insurance policy and claim form.


What to wear

Casual sportswear suitable for track activities is recommended (it is particularly important to choose footwear that is suitable for driving). There is no specific dress code for dinner.


Driving your own car on the track at the end of the course

For safety reasons, we strongly suggest that all customers wishing to take their Ferrari cars out on the track at the end of the course have their vehicles checked beforehand by their regular dealer.


For further information, to book extra nights at the hotel and pick-up services, please contact:




Dealerships wishing to book courses on behalf of clients must download the new and updated 2020 privacy form and have it filled in and signed by participants before proceeding with the booking.


Please click here to download the updated form 

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tickets availability amount (VAT included)
Corso Pilota Sport - 21/22 November 2020 (5) 10370 €
(Guest) Corso Pilota Sport - 21/22 November 2020 (21) 1952 €

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