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Corso Pilota driving courses
  • CORSO PILOTA SPORT - FIORANO CIRCUIT – First emotions on track

    This course is the first level in the Corso Pilota Ferrari series and it gives participants an introduction to sport driving techniques, followed by track sessions. An instructor sits in the car with the participants, providing useful advice to progressively improve performance lap after lap. The course's dynamic part includes track driving sessions and car control practice on low-grip surfaces.

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    Groups of participants are smaller than in the Corso Pilota Sport, to guarantee longer sessions on the track and greater engagement with the instructors. Some of the sessions will include lead and follow exercises, during which instructors will get in the car to show the participants who follow them how to best select the correct driving lines on the track. This will be the chance for Corso Pilota participants to drive solo for the first time. The course culminates in a double session on the track with a 488 Challenge Evo.

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  • CORSO PILOTA EVOLUZIONE - MISANO CIRCUIT – The challenge gets tough

    The Corso Pilota Evoluzione takes place once a year at the Misano World Circuit with even smaller groups of participants, for greater engagement with the instructors. This is a higher-level course and offers more time on the track with the 488 Challenge Evo, which features in about half of the activities. The circuit also allows for night driving: for the first time, participants will race under the floodlights.

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    The Corso Pilota Challenge offers participants a veritable immersion in Ferrari's racing heritage. To understand the set-up and electronic controls of the 488 Challenge Evo cars, those most used on this course, theory lectures are followed by an introductory technical briefing. Track activities include rolling start simulations and overtaking exercises, first with the instructor and then with the other participants. Participants also engage in a contest at the wheel of an F8 Tributo road car, competing to be the fastest and most skilful around traffic cones inside the paddock area.

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    Brand new for 2020, the Corso Pilota Personal Coaching Programme gives a maximum of eight participants the opportunity to have their own instructor for a whole day. Programme and track sessions are customised according to customers' requirements, driving skills and previous experience. The lifestyle part of the course includes dinner and an overnight stay at the Country House Casa Maria Luigia, run by three-star Michelin Chef Massimo Bottura.

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  • CORSO PILOTA LIMITED EDITION – MUGELLO CIRCUIT – When adrenaline meets exclusiveness

    The Corso Limited Edition includes a strong lifestyle element and gives participants the chance to attend cultural and glamorous activities created especially for them in the most beautiful Italian locations. In 2020, the Corso Pilota Limited Edition is held at the Mugello circuit, one of the most attractive, challenging and safe tracks in the world, and in nearby Florence. Unlike the other Ferrari driving courses, the Corso Pilota Limited Edition integrates either Sport and Avanzato levels or Avanzato and Evoluzione levels, although it is not a substitute for the Corso Pilota Challenge. Further details will be included in the relevant 2020 course brochure.

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