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Sport driving courses
  • Sport Driving Course Fiorano track

    The Ferrari Sports Driving Course offers a complete, progressive programme of instruction focused on giving participants a comprehensive understanding of sport driving techniques.

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  • Advanced course Varano de Melegari track

    For clients who have already completed the Ferrari Sports Driving Course and grasped the basic techniques it covers, Ferrari offers this second, more advanced programme of instruction. Participants get the opportunity to do plenty of intensive, specialist Ferrari driving and learn about advanced fast driving and vehicle control.

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  • Evolution course Misano track

    The Evolution Course divides participants into four groups of five and offers them the opportunity to develop their on-road Ferrari driving skills and sample. Driving techniques and, of course, excitement levels are enhanced by time trials, the use of competition cars and tyres and in-depth telemetric analysis.

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  • Challenge course Varano de Melegari track

    The Pilota Ferrari project is completed by the Challenge Course, the ultimate expression of sports driving courses for Ferrari Clients. This course takes the skills learned in the previous three courses to their logical an and ultimate conclusion.

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    The idea behind the Pilota Ferrari Limited Edition is to allow all the Pilota Ferrari customers to put their techniques and driving skills to the test on some of the most famous racetracks in the world.

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